Thursday, February 08, 2007

my dream comes true...

my drummer and me
Dear friends,

i'll be having a performance in johor on 3rd march!

well, i have to tell you this because this will be my very first time of having my own band in such a big show. as i was told, there will be some famous local singers and taiwan singers in the concert, too. apparently i shall get myself well-prepared, or... die!!! emm, not so serious, but it'll be a great experience for me.

i'll love to tell you more about my band, but my band leader says that v can only tell when her album is released(SEE LIGHT DIES!). well, i understand her point of view. therefore, i'm sorry if i've made U curious.

guess what?! woohoo!!! right after the show, i need to go back to KL asap cos i'm going to BALI with my dear yv in the early morning of 4th march. hoho... can't wait to get there!!! actually i've planned it long time ago, hopefully everything runs smooth.

will take as many pics as we can during the trip. i'm glad that my dream has finally came true!

last but not least, jean's "gun ga gong"--qz just called to complain bout her 'pang sai' problem!! no worries, its normal.... hahaha....

Friday, November 10, 2006












Friday, October 27, 2006

i love u

my dear,

i know u must b very sad, cos i can feel it, too. i'm so sorry to hear that...

life is so unpredictable, nobody can promise that he'll be there for u forever, neither me. i might have left u one day, i might not be able to lend u my shoulder one day, but i'm here now. the future is always too far, so live it today!

i wish v can share our memories one day when v look back. if i'm not there duirng that time, i know my spirit will never die. u'll always remember me just like the way i remember u...

i love u, n i mean it today...

Thursday, October 19, 2006







Thursday, September 21, 2006


在颖文的部落看到了 beautiful love 的歌词, 只能说它完完全全说出了她的感受, 就连我也能从她身上闻到幸福的气息。。。


静文已开始工作了,搞笑的她竟然要百般正经地穿上办公服去见客人,真让人期待她的表现。因为她认真时是真的不是开玩笑的,嘿 。。。


其震下个星期五也会飞回伦敦了。其实他之前的不快乐我完全明白,只是时间每分每秒地过,何苦跟自己过不去呢 ?真心的希望他可以继续为自己的梦加油,毕竟当初他早已决定了自己的梦想的重要。一切都会过去的,相信我。



Monday, July 17, 2006

finally i'm back

finally, as u told me, i've created my whole new blog which has its very own title everytime when i wan to create a post. hehe....

thanks, yu zhi wai, for inviting yvevonn and me to the 'broadway ah beng' show. haha.... all of us enjoed it very much, especially qi zhen, he is still discussing the hillarious scenes of the show now, n stil can laugh like hell.... haha.... its really funny, anyway.

i accidentally found our 'little booklet' which we were bullshitting on it during high school. haha... n i realize that i miss those moments very much. if u wan it, pls ask from me.

congratulation to our lovely princess, vivian!!!!! finally u're graduated. v took some pics in her house yesteday, but i went back early cos got lotz of undone works. juz to remind vivan, pls remember to giv us a copy of all of the pics(included those v took in cherating).

i can focus on doing my demo again, cos i've fixed my comp . hehe... i hav been panic for 2 weeks.
go! go! go!